The hourly fee of a Montana divorce lawyer can cost an average of $200. Overall, the total fee during the whole legal process can cost more than $4000. However, spouses going for uncontested separation can choose a more sensible and affordable option of Montana divorce forms. These are easy to use forms that can be filled by anyone with basic understanding of Montana divorce laws. Those who are unable to do it by self can seek legal assistance in filling the forms. These forms are available for free at this site and can be downloaded immediately.

Montana divorce forms are specific to this state only. An individual has to use forms specific to his or her case. For example, spouses having children have to use different forms compared to those who are without children. When filling these forms, a basic understanding of Montana divorce laws will prove useful. Before filing for the divorce papers, it is necessary that the person must have been a resident of this state for the last 90 days. If the person does not fulfill this requirement then the papers can be filed in the name of the spouse who qualifies for this requirement.

Some important documents must also be filed along with the Montana divorce forms as applicable in a case. In an uncontested case, it is important that both partners agree on all divorce matters before filing for divorce. In the state of Montana, individuals filing for divorce have to use divorce forms like Petition for Dissolution, some types of acknowledgment of receipt and notices, initial declaration of income, expenses, debts and assets disclosures, as well as Restraining Order and Summons. Couples having children have to fill forms like child support worksheet, acknowledgment and notices related to child support enforcement and petition for dissolution. By knowing basic issues related to Montana laws and with the help of these forms, it is possible to realize separation from the spouse inexpensively.


Downloadable Forms:

Forms for Waiving Court Fees

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

Joint Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

Summary Dissolution (With Children)

Summary Dissolution (Without Children)

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