If you got married in the US and are planning on filing a divorce, then by all means you should keep in mind that the state in which you are in plays a huge role in determining the laws which are going to affect your situation. There is a variety of factors to consider, especially if you are a parent such as division of property, child alimony, and child visitations. On top of that, the process itself can end up being quite lengthy, or at least heavy in legal terms with all the paperwork that needs to be done. However, in places such as New Mexico for example it is possible for a divorce to actually happen within a day or two since it has been filed, provided its agreed upon by both parties and contested by no one.

When you are going to be filing your New Mexico divorce forms, you must make sure that you meet a few requirements. For example, the residency requirement needs for either you or your spouse to have been a New Mexico resident for a minimum of 6 months.

There are three basic steps to how a divorce is processed in New Mexico. To start things off, a spouse files the New Mexico Divorce forms, after which they are delivered to the other spouse to be signed. You can either make the delivery yourself, by mail, or have it processed through the Deputy Sheriff. Finally, you have to go through a divorce hearing… which is not necessary if both parties agree to the terms and have nothing to talk about anymore, at least from a legal standpoint.

Where exactly do you get New Mexico Divorce forms and kick off the process? Well, you could either get them from a county clerk, or you can go on a specialized website which has the divorce forms you need so you can simply print them out at your house.


Downloadable Forms (Collected from New Mexico State Judiciary Website)

Divorce Form (No Children)

Divorce Form (With Children)